Johnny Phethean is a freelance sound designer, electronic music composer, and DJ from Newcastle Upon Tyne.


In his formative years, Johnny worked as a composer and sound designer for various community projects and theatre productions in and around The Northeast of England, before going on to study Music Production at Gateshead College. After receiving his Higher National Diploma from Gateshead, Johnny then went on to study Digital Music and Sound Art at University of Brighton, joining the second year group and completing years one and two simultaneously.

During his time at university, he has worked on various projects including engaging multi-speaker installation pieces, experimental video and animation, atmospheric soundtrack compositions and sound design for moving image, and data processing and sonification work.


While at university, Johnny has been involved in various projects outside of academic study. Working in radio, Johnny provided compositions for dystopian mock-breakfast show The Bunker between 2014-2015, and has since been commissioned by the same team to create ambient compositions and immersive sound design for their new project MarsCorp, a science-fiction horror/comedy drama podcast series set for release in 2016.


Aside from sound work, Johnny has also had writings published on Brighton’s SOURCE Magazine website, providing a number of previews for a variety of local music events and also full reviews of larger events and live shows in the Brighton area.

Alongside all of these endeavours, Johnny has also been working as a freelance DJ, travelling around the UK and Europe, releasing his own music through a number of different digital and physical record labels.

Artistic Statement

My work stems from an interest in how sound can affect the state of mind of the listener. I feel that the open medium of sound can be very introspective, and is incredibly effectual in transporting a listener to an entirely different place or setting.


I like to explore processing of sound and how this can create completely new textures and ideas from quite simple beginnings, often causing the process itself to become the focus of an idea or piece.


Much of my sound work is soundscape-based, often heavily influenced by or made specifically for science-fiction themed projects. I create unusual sound palettes using field recording, manipulation and editing of recorded sound, synthesis, and digital audio processing techniques such as reverb and delay. When working collaboratively and with clients I consider the brief and underlying ideas of a project as influences that lead my creative methods and experimentation, and try to incorporate these ideas into the working process of sound creation or manipulation, with the intention that the artistic themes physically become part of the process of making a piece..

My overall aim as an artist is to create work that allows a listener to open up and understand a certain concept or idea in a different way, to show different sides or deeper perspectives to something with sound, through collaborative projects with other artists and with my own creative work.

 Johnny Phethean - sound design / music